Profession-Do not gets into any arguments at the workplace. You shall be a victim of office politics, so beware of foe in the garb of a friend. Do not rely on anyone to complete your work. Businessmen are advised not to sign any new deals as the monetary loss is indicated.

Personal Life-You will be misunderstood by someone close to you. You will have to handle the situation more maturely. Your family will be supportive.

Health-You will face issues related to stomach. It is advised to follow a proper diet. Taking rest and drinking lot of water will bring you relief.

Emotions-You will feel happy to let go of some old beliefs. You shall be receptive to your surroundings and will respond accordingly. You will have a positive frame of mind.

Travel-Avoid traveling today if it's not urgent. You may suffer minor health issues during your trip.

Luck-Luck is not in your favor today. Keep your emotional expectations low.